Why choose The Snow School?

Great instructors with excellent client communication skills.

► We’ve got an excellent reputation with hundreds of satisfied and loyal clients.

► We are a small company who can devote time, care,  flexibility to your needs.

► We stand for fairness, integrity and great value for money in all our products & lessons.

► Our lessons can be tailored to your requirements and budget.

►We use a system called VAK which stands for Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic. As Ski instructors, we present information using all three styles. This allows the client to use three ways to understand a task better. Once we identify the individuals best way of learning and receiving information, improving the quality of your ski lessons.

►By understanding our clients and analyzing the best ways to teach every individual, we can tailor our ski lessons to make them as productive as possible for you.




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  spaces available W/C 12TH FEB